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JPS Aircooled
Deep OIL SUMP KIT 356 -912

JPS Aircooled billet Deep Oil Sump Kit is equipped with all the features that our customers and we consider important.

  • Our Deep Oilsump for Porsche 356-912 comes as a complete unit ready for installation. 
  • Advanced CNC machining from the best aluminum.
  • Super slim design, with 1.7 liters or 1.8 quarts volume.
  • Oil drain at the lowest point.
  • Lid can be opened for cleaning if necessary.
  • No screw visible.
  • Cooling fins. 
  • With integrated magnet and oil pickup tube extension.
  • Oil Screen can be used too.

The Deep Oil Sump is available in black and natural aluminium hard anodized.

set CHF 899.00


Oilsump Screen with 16mm hole for

all 356 and 912, 616 101 380 00

each CHF 52.00

Gasket each CHF 4.00 

JPS Aircooled

JPS Aircooled OIL SUMP Kit includes:

  • 1 Oil sump with ring magnet complete assembled (all screws are tigthened to the correct torque and secured)
  • 1 Oil tube extension
  • 1 Drain plug
  • 10 self-locking nuts M6
  • 10 cooper ring for M6 nuts  
  • Black anodized 


Easy assembling in your own garage
JPS Aircooled_Oilsump_assambly instructi
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 162.0 KB

set CHF 249.00

JPS Aircooled
Full Flow Kit  356 -912

The BEST solution for YOUR Full flow filtration.

The JPS Aircooled Full Flow Kit has many benefits:

  • This includes our Oil Pump Cover with an O-Ring sealing, pressure valve (no need for HP-1 Filters) and the outlet is repositioned so there is no need to cut the sheet metal any more.
  • Oil filter braket is made out of a billet block wich is much stronger than cheap cast brakets.
  • Oil lines are stainless steel and are race proven
  • All feedings fit perfectly

The Full Flow Kit-black includes:

  • 1x JPS Aircooled Oil Pump Cover with oil pressure control valve and an O-ring seal
  • 2x thread adapter M16x1.5 Dash 08
  • 1x billet CNC external filter holder, without thermostat Dash 8, 3/4" oil filter connection
  • 1x aluminum fitting Dash 08/45°
  • 3x Alu Fitting Dash 08 straight
  • 2x1 meter Dash 8 stainless steel braided hose (race proven)
  • 1x oil filter 

set CHF 499.00

JPS Aircooled
OIL Pump Cover  356 -912

JPS Aircooled Oil Pump Cover

with pressure valve and O-ring sealing

 The Oil pump Cover has the following advantages:

  • With our O-ring sealing you can install the Oil Pump Cover without a gasket. You don't have to cut the sheet metal!
  • Our pressure valve is calculated and equipped with high quality components.
  • The M16x1,5 threat is the same that comes back in the front cover! 
  • Pin holes for the perfect positioning make this Oil Pump Cover a class of its own.

each CHF 159.00

option full flow adapter CHF 18.00

Oil cooler OEM  356 - 912

Aluminum Oil Cooler with the best airflow,
6 full airflow passages are a big improvement.

The much better airflow thru the oil cooler helps to cool the 3-4 cylinder site.

  • 50% of weight of  steel cooler, no engine case cracking
  • More surface to cool
  • Better airflow
  • Including studs

All proper rebuild require a new oil cooler.

Don't risk a new engine to save a few Euros.

each CHF 545.00



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